Coal Slurry Sludge Linatex Dewatering Screen

Coal Slurry   Sludge Linatex Dewatering Screen

 Introduction of vibrating dewatering screen:

   Vibration dewatering screen main perform is dehydration, desilting, de-intermediate, can be used for sand washing in sand and stone plant, coal slime restoration in coal preparing plant, tailings dry discharge in dressing plant, etc., so it is also named sand dewatering sieve , Coal slime dewatering display screen, tailings dewatering monitor, and so on.
  Tailings dewatering screen is also referred to as tailings dry discharge sieve. It is a vibrating sieve specifically developed for steel tailings dry discharge based on higher-frequency sieve combined with the traits of steel tailings. It is mostly utilised for iron ore, copper ore The tailings of gold ore and aluminum ore are dehydrated. It is a new variety of high-effectiveness tailings restoration products created right after totally demonstrating and investigating many difficulties existing in a large variety of tailings dry discharge screens in China. It has a simple construction, lower price, substantial effectiveness, low power usage, low sound and easy servicing.
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Doing work theory of vibrating dewatering screen:

 The vibrating dewatering display adopts twin vibrating motors or flange-sort vibrators (two regular motors are dragged to reverse self-synchronized rotation in the opposite route), so that the display screen physique periodically reciprocates together the linear direction to obtain the purpose of graded dehydration. The double motor self-synchronous engineering, universal eccentric block and adjustable amplitude vibrator are adopted.It is primarily composed of monitor box, exciter, supporting method and motor.Two unrelated vibrators for synchronous reverse operation, two teams of eccentric mass produced by the centrifugal pressure along the vibration path of the component superposition, reverse centrifugal offset, thus forming a one vibration together the vibration direction, the monitor box reciprocating linear movement.

Production  advantage:
1. The substance of the dewatering monitor adopts extremely-high molecular polyurethane (UHMW —- PE), effect resistance, minimal temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, impact vitality absorption, affect resistance in all plastics is The highest price, wear resistance is much better than PTFE, nylon, carbon metal and other materials.
two. The vibration motor of the dewatering monitor is effortless to change. The rubber spring on the base is used for shock absorption, so that the amplitude is not large, and the gradual vibration can be taken off cleanly.
three. The dewatering sieve can be CZPT according to the output and water material. The aspect panel of the fuselage has a reinforcement plate, the base is geared up with a help, and the base is lined with a strip.
four. The vibration motor is fastened with higher-strength bolts, and the base spring is a rubber spring. The quality of the spring will affect the daily life of the vibration motor. The fastened density of the sieve plate is higher, and the ribs are strengthened in the sieve plate.
5. Right after welding, the welder will strictly stay away from welding holes, and the bottom is supported by channel metal.
6. In addition, the screen gap can be altered as required, the gear has reduced sounds and excellent dehydration effect.
7. Before shipping and delivery, the personnel will debug it, whether or not the vibration motor is regular, and regardless of whether the exciter is managing well, to guarantee that the top quality of the manufacturing facility goods is confirmed for customers.

CZPT parameters:

Model Screen area
Feed size
Overall dimension 
HC0820 1.5 two*.seventy five five-ten ≤10 .8 2220*1140*1140
HC1571 2 two*1.5 twenty-thirty ≤10 one.six 2220*1340*1190
HC1225 three two*2.2 50-eighty ≤10 2.1 2820*1570*1370
HC1530 four.5 2*3 a hundred-one hundred twenty ≤10 three.2 3320*1880*1350
HC1840 7.two 2* a hundred and fifty-one hundred eighty ≤10 four 4100*2441*1980
HC1845 2*5.5 150-two hundred ≤10 four.five 4600*2441*1980

Coal Slurry   Sludge Linatex Dewatering Screen