Customized Worm Gearbox 12V 24V Lifting Motor for DC Deceleration Motor

Customized Worm Gearbox 12V 24V Lifting Motor for DC Deceleration Motor

Brief introduction
This motor is a miniature DC motor with turbo-worm velocity reduction. The rotation route of the motor can be transformed by altering the positive and negative wiring of the motor. It has two traits:

  1. Turbine worm reducer motor has self-locking house, when the motor is powerless, the output shaft is immovable, which is self-locking, self-locking pressure is 1.2 moments of the rated torque.
  2. The direction of the output shaft of the reducer is arranged vertically with the motor shaft. The course of the output shaft of the entire motor entire body is shorter than that of the regular reducer motor. It can be broadly used in the place the set up measurement is needed

Primary parameter
WS-5882GW Collection
No load: two.5rpm-150rpm/min
Rated Pace is 75% of no load speed
Output Torque:

WGM-775 Motor parameter desk

Model Voltage No load Speed Rated Pace Rated Torque Rated Present Weight Motor sort
5882GW-12V-two.five 12V 2.five two one zero five 1500 excess weight:1000g 45S-1230
5882GW-12V-four four three.two 85 1300 45S-1230
5882GW-12V-thirteen thirteen 10 forty 1200 45S-1230
5882GW-12V-24 24 eighteen twenty five 950 45S-1230
5882GW-12V-48 48 36 thirty one thousand 45S-1260
5882GW-24V-5 24V five four 200 2150 45S-2460
5882GW-24V-8.five 8.5 six.five one hundred sixty 2100 45S-2460
5882GW-24V-26 26 twenty 80 2050 45S-2460
5882GW-24V-48 forty eight 36 35 2200 45S-2460

Gearbox info

Deceleration degree Degree four deceleration Amount 5 deceleration
Deceleration fee 22 forty eighty 123 260 373 548 780 1196
Highest working torque
Gear restrict running torque
Equipment transmission effectiveness .fifty nine .fifty three


The nomal velocity and voltage are as follows. Please mark the voltage and speed when you order:
DC 12V:2.5rpm/4rpm/13rpm/24rpm/48rpm/150rpm/200rpm/300rpm
DC 24V:5rpm/eight.5rpm/26rpm/48rpm/150rpm/200rpm/300rpm

Customized Worm Gearbox 12V 24V Lifting Motor for DC Deceleration Motor