Fitness Equipment EPP Hardness Foam Roller

Fitness Equipment EPP Hardness Foam Roller

Items Descraiption
Type:Foam Roller
Measurement:Dia. 14 cm x Size 33cm
Hardness:60~sixty five diploma
Color:black, blue, red, or blended shade

This EPP (foamed polypropylene) large-density foam roller is made of thermoformed foam beads. It allows users to massage them to enhance stress by making use of their own fat scroll. The rollers have elevated surfaces to supply the optimum depth massage and very last more time than classic standard rollers.

* EPP foam roller has high density and hardness of 60 ~ 65 levels, which can give deep tissue massage.
* Encourage blood flow and boost blood circulation.
* Enhance overall flexibility and muscle recovery soon after yoga, Pilates, workout coaching, martial arts, excess weight training, operating and other sports.
* Can be employed to aid stability, core strengthening and stretching workouts.
* Therapeutic massage to alleviate muscle stress.

Xihu (West Lake) Dis.rui Yoga Roller Specification Record

Item  Duration(cm) Diameter(cm) Weight(g)
30cm yoga roller 30 15 a hundred and sixty
45cm yoga roller forty five fifteen 240
60cm yoga roller 60 fifteen 320
90cm yoga roller 90 15 480
15cm mini yoga roller fifteen 5 eleven
32cm Massage roller 32 14 135/a hundred and forty
45cm Massage roller forty five 14 195

How to use

Exactly where CAN EPP BE Utilised?
EPP is a minor a lot more resistant and robust than EPS and has a higher power absorption. Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is consequently incredibly well suited for items and molded areas that have to face up to a good deal. EPP is consequently especially popular as a crash pad, bumper or headrest in motor autos. It will increase the safety and protection of car occupants in the event of an unexpected emergency.
An additional special function of EPP and other particle foams is their minimal bodyweight compared to other resources. It helps to decrease the vehicle’s fat, which prospects to reduce fuel intake and higher environmental friendliness. EPP is also a entirely recyclable particle foam.
But EPP is not only a valuable and practical content for the automotive industry. EPP can be used in virtually all industries in which lightweight prospective, insulation and resistance are critical facets.

About US
We are a sturdy specialist maker and manufacturer of foam goods. Our company normally takes EPP as its core and generates molds and molding tools. EPP is extensively used in toy airplanes, auto bumpers, sunlight visors, sound insulation boards, resource bins, precision machinery, strain-resistant packaging, fruit boxes, thermal insulation containers, warmth insulation boards, toy ceramic packaging, new air methods, engineering plates and other items. We are a layout, producing and product sales company with in depth expertise in production Epp items.
We have a complete administration and manufacturing method, advanced engineering and manufacturing equipment, and a standard and outstanding creation atmosphere, which provides sufficient promise for skilled manufacturing merchandise.


Fitness Equipment EPP Hardness Foam Roller