Phlogopite Muscovite Insulation Mica Tape for Fire Resistant Cable and Electric Motors

Phlogopite Muscovite Insulation Mica Tape for Fire Resistant Cable and Electric Motors

Mica tape is a kind of tape insulating substance, which is produced of mica paper or powder-mica paper, digital alkali-cost-free glass fiber cloth, impregnated with large-temperature silicone resin or TUNG-MA epoxy adhesive, and laminated, baked and sliced. 
1,In accordance to the diverse kinds of mica, it can be divided into phlogopite mica tape, muscovite mica tape, calcined mica tape and synthetic mica tape.
2,In accordance to the diverse reinforcing supplies, it can be divided into glass fiber reinforcing band, film reinforcing band, glass fiber + movie reinforcing band (3 in one zone). 
3,In accordance to the shape of mica it can be divided into mica tape and powder-mica tape. The mica tape is commonly used in unique fireplace-resistant and flame-retardant cables. The powder-mica tape is extensively utilised in huge and medium-sized large voltage motors/alternator running at 155°C.
four,There is also polyamide film epoxy powder-mica tape, vacuum stress impregnation of epoxy mica tape and so on.

Thickness: .08mm-.18mm
Width: four.5mm-1000mm
Length: 500m 1000m 2000m. Traverse wound spools optional
CZPT cores: 52mm 54mm 76mm 120mm

In dry environment at room temperature, the storage interval is 3 year.

One pack is typically at 50kg, sealed with plastic film and packed in carton. The fumigation-free of charge pallet shall be utilised when exporting. Every pallet contains <1000KG, or protected by metal drum.

Petroleum platforms, multi-storey buildings, electricity stations, industrial buildings, tunnels, pc centers, aerospace facilities, telecommunications centers, ships, army facilities, and so on.

Phlogopite Mica Tape With Glass Cloth One Aspect


Product/Thickness (mm) .08 .10 .eleven .twelve .13 .fourteen .fifteen
Look No alien substance, no break up, scar and gap, no broken folded
Size(m) five hundred/one thousand/2000
Thickness Tolerance (mm) ±0.015
Unite Excess weight (g/mtwo) 110±10 135±10 145±10 165±15 185±15 205±15 215±15
Mica Content material (%) >55 >60 >63 >65 >70 >70 >70
Breakdowm Voltage (KV) >1. > >1.three >1.five >1.7 >1.8 >2.
Tensile Power (N/15mm) ≥150 ≥160 ≥180 ≥200 ≥200 ≥200 ≥200
Binder Articles (%) 13±3 13±3 13±3 13±3 13±3 13±3 13±3
Fire Resistance (°C) 750°C -800°C, IEC331

Glass Backed Synthetic Mica Tape


Product/Thickness (mm) .10 .eleven .twelve .thirteen .14 .fifteen
Appearance No alien content, no split, scar and gap, no damaged folded
Duration(m) 500/one thousand/2000
Thickness Tolerance (mm) ±0.02
Unite Bodyweight (g/mtwo) 125±10 140±10 160±15 170±15 205±15 215±15
Mica Material (%) >60 >65 >65 >65 >70 >70
Breakdowm Voltage (KV) >1. >1.two >1.4 >1.6 >1.7 >1.nine
Tensile Toughness (N/15mm) ≥160 ≥180 ≥200 ≥200 ≥200 ≥200
Binder Material (%) 13±3 13±3 13±3 13±3 13±3 13±3
Fireplace Resistance (°C) 950°C -1050°C, IEC331


         TUNG-MA epoxy mica tape                                                     polyamide movie epoxy powder-mica tape

A variety of mica tapes are CZPT. Please get in touch with us for details.



Phlogopite Muscovite Insulation Mica Tape for Fire Resistant Cable and Electric Motors